About us

Fashion = Public Art.

My name is Stefan Savoy. I am an artist, and what you will see here are the ways my artistic practices branch into fashion and apparel. I believe that images can change people, that they can stir up the imagination and allow someone to see past themselves. These works explore this idea in what I believe to be the niche between commercial and high-art – fashion.
This work isn’t Fashion with a Capital F, the type that pushes forms and redefines figures. It is modest. I work with t-shirts and merge them with my images  and they both become transformed! I want the people who wear these shirts to be transformed, I want you to form a relationship with these shirts because they are equal part communication and costume. Please allow yourself to take on these shirts as experiences.
I will continue producing bodies of work and have the collections grow like grass. Please don’t feel disconnected from it all, keep in touch with me! Even if you don’t buy a shirt, I would love to hear your voice through my Instagram (see bottom of page) or email me at: subtletydesign@gmail.com. Sign up for our mailing list for updates on new designs and blog posts!

           Have a Good Day